Return Policy

Any problem with GENUINE INK/Toner you buy phone HP; EPSON; CANON or BROTHER customer support line. They will guide you step by step. (Google & find out the number). We can give Refund only once we send it to above companies & they accept it is faulty inks. Failures with Genuine inks & Toners is very rare but do happen. (1 or 2 in 1000)

Any problem with Generic Inks/Toners Read Problem solving info. Given in our website. If Still not able to solve the problem Phone: 09-6290010 or 09-6236696. Over 95% problems have been sorted over the Phone.

To get a Refund ON Generic Ink/Toner you should:

  • Return with all packaging boxes – We shall refund you the Return courier cost as soon as we get the ink/toner back.
  • If any error messages appear on Printer Display/Screen, e-mail with your printer make & Model and exact message WORD TO WORD or preferably take an Image with your Mobile & e-mail us
  • If an ink or toner is accepted but produces marks or smudging put in the box 2-3 printouts showing the defect (Not confidential documents) which we could forward to the manufacturer.

If you just return ink/Toner & tell us they don’t fit/don’t work no refund will be given. (New printers life is 3 or 4 years even for customers using Genuine Inks. (Based on our own experience dealing with inks & toners past 15 years)