Epson Genuine 288XL Cyan Ink




Hi-Volume 288XL BLACK ink cartridge which will do 500 pages and cost you $34.00

Standard Epson 288 BLACK not normally stocked as they cost $21.00 and will do only 175 pages

We also Stock the Generic Inks (NOT MADE BY EPSON COMPANY) which we sell at only $12.00 to $14.00 each.  See other images.  Depending on the BRAND YOU BUY there will be about $ 2.00 to $4.00 price difference per Generic/Compatible ink or up to $10.00 or $12.00 for a set of 4 Generic or Compatible Inks.   Choosing the Cheapest Generic Brand MAY NOT BE A GOOD OPTION FOR CUSTOMERS WHO LOOK FOR TROUBLE-FREE PRINTING & VIBRANT COLOUR.  You as the consumer can choose the brand you want.  It is like buying a Shirt or Skirt.  You choose what you want to buy; QUALITY & RELIABILITY DEPENDS ON THE PRODUCT YOU BUY. (Good brand or Cheap Brand on the market)

For the following Printers:

Expression Home XP240

Expression Home XP340

Expression Home XP344

Expression Home XP440


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